Posted on May 26, 2010


Dinosaurs.  Does anyone else find it just absolutely mind blowing that dinosaurs actually, really walked the earth? Huge reptiles were shitting right where your coffee table is sitting.  For a long time…

Did you know they lived on earth for 160 million years? 160 Million.  And there were 9,000 different species. 9000.

This is what I learn to impress my 4-year old.  When I was growing up, I thought there were 10 maybe 20 “kinds of dinosaur.” You know T-Rex, Pterodactyl, Brontosaurs burgers… oh, wait that was the Flintstones. I digress.

These giant dinosaurs…in some cases with brains the size of peanuts, managed to last for 160 million years.

Do you think humanity is going to last  a million years?  I’m an optimist but I can’t decide which is right about how it ends…the Terminator or the Matrix. Maybe a solar flare?

And do you know how long humans have walked the earth? 200,000 years. Humans have lived .125% of a 160 million years.  But in that short time, we’ve managed to dominate an entire planet and fly into space.  6.8 billion of us. All from five, yes, 5 species.(*read comments for further clarification)

That’s progress.

And look at us now. Today we are slapping mud into a hole (we made) at the bottom of the ocean to stop the big bad dinosaurs (aka oil) from absolutely demolishing our ocean & way of life.

Ahhhh, yes. Progress.

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