Pursuit of Happiness

Posted on November 2, 2010


Scene: Overhead when discussing the economic crisis (after a few drinks…)

He said something like this:

“Let’s assume you assholes do know what you are doing. If that’s true, everything should be fine. Pretty much all of the time. I mean I expect some bad things to happen because that’s just the way it is, I get it. And scarcity rules the world, I get that too. But jesus, why am I worrying about the Euro. What the heck can I do about the Euro situation? Nothing. It’s absolutely manufactured fear.

I mean we are freaking out about rectangular pieces of paper with triangles & dead people on them. Better yet, shiny yellow metal. Look, this IS NOT a caveman “fight or flight situation” here. And frankly, I am confident that no matter what happens in the financial world, I will be ok in the grand scheme of things…even if i have to resort to barter. i mean, am i right?…”

(silence) …

“of course, I do suppose taking some wilderness survival classes probably makes sense too.”

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