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What is I heart Wall Street?

I heart Wall Street is an eclectic collection of observations, critiques, & insights into an industry I’ve loved since I was a kid. At 9, I was memorizing ticker symbols while starching & ironing my money — to make it nice & crisp. (Yes, really.)

I do, from time to time, post thoughts about other stuff that interests me, namely all things tech and music, but in general I keep most my personal interests on the B-Sides section.

These are my personal efforts & personal opinions.

By day I run a wealth management firm called Gross Domestic Product, Inc. after spending almost ten years working for a large {even prestigious} Wall Street firm. I was tired of the status quo.

Short and Sweet. I love writing. Long form is my favorite.

Here are some truisms for you:

  1. save money where you can
  2. hire the best when you can
  3. never let your friends borrow stuff they {or you} can’t afford to replace
  4. lease luxury, buy value
  5. take better care of your body
  6. Wall Street is broken.

Why am I here?

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  1. love it! interesting, precise, to the point!

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